Field-based Courses: Resources and Logistics


This learning community will bring together UWB faculty from different academic units to develop and share resources and best practices for solving the logistical and resource challenges of running Field-based courses and activities. This may include securing equipment for field activities; developing ideas for sharing items among colleagues, schools, and campuses (and making visible what things are available); transportation; liability, permissions, and medical issues; possibilities for funding things not covered by course fees; and any other logistics to support these high-impact learning experiences in the field. This LC will include faculty who teach in the field at all academic levels to ensure perspectives on challenges to field work with first year students on up to senior-level and graduate classes are considered.


Our goal is to work toward developing such resources, ideas, and best practices with the deliverable of a white paper (and/or web resource) that would provide tips, links and other resources to UWB faculty who want to integrate field work but either need support or don’t know how to best proceed or what is available on campus. We plan to work with colleagues in another proposed LC that will address more pedagogical and curricular issues in field-based experiential learning so that our discussions and products will be complementary and available together.