EAB Navigate is a go!!!

During winter quarter members of our LC continued to use Navigate, uncovering benefits of the system and revealing new challenges.  We conveyed our experiences and anecdotes to the EAB Leadership Team so that they could incorporate them into their recommendation to Chancellor Wolf Yeigh.  This time was marked by uncertainty because we did not know if the Chancellor would chose to fund the Navigate system for the upcoming years.  On March 13th during the Chancellor’s Executive Team meeting, Chancellor Yeigh committed to funding EAB Navigate!  Yay!!!

We met on March 27th to begin to brainstorm what we need to teach our colleagues to help them adopt the Navigate student success platform.  We are excited to start training future users!

Prepped picture for training kickoff

Prepped list of topics to teach

After brainstorming topics to teach, we discussed ways to present the material.  We envision holding thematic training workshops.

Prepped training workshop agenda

Amy and Norm led the way with a training workshop on appointment campaigns and best practices regarding emails.

prepped norm and amy in action

Here is a link to Norm’s ppt: Effective Emails


  1. Wow, EAB LC! Talk about impact! Thanks for sharing this, and I will look forward to hearing and seeing more about trainings in the upcoming year. -Jody

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We are in the “rubber hits the road” phase with EAB in the QSC. Thanks for all of your work!

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